Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Balletic Moves for Bellydance!

    2. Part 1: Strength, Mobility and Conditioning Routine

    3. Part 2: Basics - Graceful Leg Lines and Elegant Arms

    4. Part 3: Practice Combos and Mini-Dancealong

    5. Congratulations!

    6. BONUS DOWNLOAD: 9-Minute Turnout Conditioning Routine

    7. BONUS DOWNLOAD: 6-Minute Foot, Ankle & Hip Conditioning Routine

About this course

  • 7 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
  • Learn how to apply the principles of ballet basics to belly dance to imbue your moves with elegance and grace. This course includes a quick ankle & hips mobility routine, tips and exercises to improve your turnout, practice combos and a dance-along.

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